Design Project: a reckless kitchen timer

This design project was part of my Masters degree at Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft. This course is about the human senses and how the users experience their senses when interacting with a product.

reckless kitchen timer

reckless kitchen timer

The assignment was to design a product that would fit a location with a contradicting emotion. In my case I had to design a reckless kitchen utensil. I came up with a reckless kitchen timer. Usually the kitchen timer is a static object, but I decided to turn it into a spinning top.

To create the reckless experience the top is made to look a-symmetrical,unbalanced and sharp. It is made from steel and feels cool and hard, with sharp edges. When it spins on the kitchen table it produces a low rumbling sound. Thus creating a reckless experience. This was presented as a poster with rendering and story board, along with a small display of sensory elements (touch: sharp steel, smell: fire and metal chips, vision: spinning top, sound: rumbling track)


Kitchen timer in use

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