Design project: Belmore Park water pavilion

“Architecture: thinking, making, inhabiting” is one on the electives that I took at the University of Technology in Sydney and was an introduction in architecture theory and practice in which a small pavilion in one of Sydney’s parks was designed.


Bellmore Park 1

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Visual communication design

In this course the elements that make up visual communication design, such as posters or infographics, are discussed. During the course several visual items were created.

VCD poster

VCD poster

The poster is an example. It attracts the consumer with an image, that already contains information: a boat trip from amsterdam to paris is being sold. The catchline shows the company name, Low Speed Lines. In still readable font an promotional offer is presented and getting smaller, the departure times, and even smaller, the terms and conditions.

Fashion Project: Tent

As a project for fun I worked together with fashion designer Nanette Lindeman and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. The project was set up by the ANWB for fashion students to create clothing for a anniversary issue for their magazine. Together we created a dress made out of recycled tents. I found working in a diffent field of desing a pleasant and inspiring change.

anwb fashion project

anwb fashion project

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Ha! It is a new packaging for toothbrushes: now packed in a small cylindrical bottle, much like a test tube. It opens by unscrewing, in stead of the always very annoying blister packaging. When done brushing, just put it back in. Comes in handy when going on holiday.


toothbrush packaging!

If anyone happens to be in possession of a toothbrush factory; please create this package. Let me know when and where I can buy this.