Design Project: a game of chess

This design project was part of my Bachelor degree at Industrial Design Engineering TU Delft. The goal in this project was the looks of the final design. The design phase was an associative process that started with a picture I chose. I started with some artwork on a record that consisted of hexagonal shapes, these evolved into a cubic game of chess.

a game of chess

a game of chess

Hidden in the shapes of the pieces is information about the directions the pieces are allowed to move. The size of a piece tells the players about it’s value: 2 by 2 for Pawns, 3 by 3 for the Tower, the Horse and the Bishop and 4 by 4 for the King and Queen.

Players are slowly led into the game by having to construct the board first. This leaves space for social contact and mental preparation before the game of chess. The board consists of 64 separate pieces: 32 red and 32 white.

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